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This is Steph – Lifting to New Levels:

Steph is an amazing young woman who I’ve known for several years. She’s not one of my clients, but I’ve seen her health and fitness transform over a period of time at the gym we both attend.

She’s worked incredibly hard & her dedication and commitment to creating a healthier future for herself is about to lift her to a level that (only a couple of years ago), she never would have thought was possible….

I recently got to catch up with Steph & learn more about her self-discovery adventure!



Although Steph admits she’d always carried ‘a few extra kilos’, she stayed fit and maintained good health by playing hockey her entire life. As she got older though, her lifestyle changed, sport fell by the wayside and she found the kilos slowly creeping on. Becoming increasingly unhappy with her weight (which eventually hit 107kg), Steph reached a point where she engaged a Personal Trainer to help her get back on track…. and that’s a path she’s now powering along!!


Slow Smoulder or Spontaneous Ignition:

Steph was increasingly unhappy with her weight and her appearance but it was quite some time before taking the first big brave step toward seeking the assistance of a Personal Trainer. Ultimately, it was seeing her reflection in the mirror one day, that made her realise that she couldn’t continue to ‘do nothing’ about the cause of her unhappiness.

Soon after Steph commenced personal training, the relationship she had been in, abruptly (and unexpectedly) ended. What could have been a derailment in Steph’s journey towards a happier healthier life, instead became the ongoing motivation that propelled her towards her goal of self-improvement and discovery!


Activating the Health and Wellness Revolution:

Initially starting out with a 30 minute PT session each week, Steph increased this to 2 sessions each week as her fitness improved.

In order to get more variety and use different parts of her body, Steph eventually started to include a couple of fitness classes into her weekly schedule as well.

Steph placed a high value on her health and fitness and was very keen to learn more in order to gain the greatest advantage. She invested time into programming her own workouts in order to use her gym time more efficiently and was also keen to try a whole variety of different exercises and routines.

If she was unsure about equipment or correct form/technique for an exercise she hadn’t performed before, she would happily ask ‘the experts’ rather than remain in her comfort zone!


Bounding Over Barriers:

It’s typical to encounter a few barriers when embarking upon any change initiative, and Steph’s experience was no different.

In the early days, Steph was really unsure of what to eat, but she eventually found a few good meal plans that worked for her. Although she describes it as ‘simple food’, she takes the time to plan and prepare all her meals, which saves her time in the long run, and also ensures that she’s got healthy meals on hand at all times and can even take it away if she needs to travel.

At times when Steph felt like training with a friend, but was unable to find one (who was equally as keen), she’d attend a group session/class instead, so that she didn’t miss out on her own training.

Rather than accept reasons or find excuses for not doing something, Steph was always resourceful in finding ways to always do something!


Challenge Champion:

Every new journey also brings challenges along the way and for Steph, her own self-perception or ‘mindset’ is (still), one of the greatest challenges that she needs to keep a regular check on!

At times, she doesn’t ‘remember’ or ‘see’ the 28kg’s that she’s lost. Sometimes she ‘forgets’ that she leads a completely different lifestyle now, and this increases the risk of regressing back to her old unhelpful habits. Because of this, Steph consciously chooses instead, to reinforce positive thoughts and affirmations to build confidence and self-belief from within.


End Goal Glory:

A commitment to ongoing self-improvement and a few simple mini-goals, (including participation in the odd obstacle race, and a 100kg ‘personal best’ deadlift), has ensured that Steph’s been able to maintain momentum for the last 3 years.

To keep powering ahead however, Steph has now set herself an even greater goal….

Stay tuned, because we’re going to see this amazing young woman compete later this year in her first fitness/figure (body sculpting) competition! GO STEPH!!!!


Greatest Self Discovery:

“I feel like I’m a whole new person”, was Steph’s immediate response…. no hesitation whatsoever! She says she also sees the world from a whole different perspective and has a completely new (and far more positive) relationship with food.

Not only does Steph feel like the quality of her life has improved significantly, she’s most proud of the fact that she has inspired others to start exercising too.

Well done Steph!!


Exciting Times Ahead:

Steph’s obviously look forward to her first fitness/figure competition later this year, but she’s also looking forward to a future of endless possibilities. She’s been doing a bit of part time work as a fitness trainer and would like to develop those skills further.


Best Advice:

  • Know your ultimate ‘why’…. your real reason for making the changes.
  • Have a long term goal, instead of focussing on short term gains.
  • Get a support network if you need it.
  • Find the activities that feel good/work for you & stay active.
  • Don’t ‘diet’ or deprive yourself, just learn moderation.

Most importantly…..

  • Don’t ever stop! Every day is a new day. Be consistent and create a healthy routine.


That’s just PURE GOLD Steph!! Thank YOU!!




What inspires you every day?                      Instagram fitness chicks….. I want to build muscle!

Food you can’t live without?                         Protein Oats (afternoon snack)

Cardio or resistance?                                         Resistance

Favourite exercise:                                              Leg extensions. I’m starting to see definition.

Best self-care ritual:                                           Massage

Greatest health myth or fallacy:                 Keto diets. They’re not for everyone & can be dangerous.

Best personal tip:                                                 Don’t under-eat. Don’t kill your metabolism.

Greatest inspiration:                                        Claudia Klein (Fitness Pro)


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