Things I’ve Learned: How to Live Fit


When you start any new exercise program, you need to do it with the INTENTION of actually BEING FIT…. for the rest of your life!!

Make Exercise Your New ‘Normal’:

You see, in order to maintain fitness once you’ve established it, you will need to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, as a normal, everyday part of your life…. for the rest of your life! Fitness isn’t something that you can just achieve & then expect to have it miraculously or magically maintain itself. YOU actually need to consciously and PROACTIVELY manage it, for yourself!

Like the old saying goes…. you need to use it, or lose it! Physiologically, it’s as simple as that (unless you’re a freak of nature or genetically blessed in some other way)!!

Live as the Woman You Want to BE:

If you’re only exercising because you think it will help you lose a few kilos or make you look a certain way, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be successful in embedding exercise as a normal part of your way of life. This is because the source of motivation is primarily focused on the short-term,‘ego-driven’ gains & ‘instant gratification’ results.

To live your life as a healthy, active, fit, strong(& constantly evolving) woman, exercise needs to be incorporated as a natural part of your normal, everyday routine. It can’t just be bolted-on as an after-thought that you might consider occasionally, once everything else is done…. it needs to become a fully integrated habit…. part of WHO you are.

Reconnect with your Body:

Truly living your life as a healthy, active, fit, strong (& constantly evolving) woman needs to BE (or at least, become), one of your core values…. and your behaviours (ie: exercise, nutrition, etc), need to be PRIORITISED and aligned to your core values.

The thing is this…. if you’ve never done it before, or you’ve tried before but didn’t achieve what you wanted…. It’s going to be really, really difficult to establish a new habit…. especially with something like exercise, because let’s face it, exercise can hurt!!  Now although there are a lot of cognitive elements that unpin the success of any behavioural re-alignment process, one of the most realistic places to begin becoming that healthy, active, fit, strong (& constantly evolving) woman you want to be is here:

Be in the ‘here and now’ with your exercise. Connect with your body…. connect with the exercise you’re doing…. know what your body is doing throughout the entire flow of each exercise and be consciously aware of how your body responds in both the short and long term. Acknowledge and appreciate that your body has the most amazing capacity to perform any physical challenge you ask it to, (barring any genetic &/or medical barriers etc)….

When you train your body in the exact way your body is PHYSIOLOGICALLY DESIGNED to respond, adapt and CONSTANTLY EVOLVE, you can achieve incredible results!! Honestly!!

Be Kind to Your Body – train smarter, not harder:

When you know how to train properly, you can get the absolute best out of each session by exercising strategically and specifically for the results you want your body to achieve. Trust me…. it’s the quickest, fastest, & easiest way of doing it!!

By just performing any old random workout you’ve found on Google, you’re really just taking a ‘scatter gun approach’ to fitness…. & whilst you might see & feel some generalised improvements over time, you’re really not achieving what your amazing body is truly capable of.

My advice? Yes I know I’m somewhat biased given my qualifications…. but honestly…. if you really want to live your life as a healthy, active, fit, strong (& constantly evolving) woman, work with an industry professional…. at least in the beginning until you’ve learned all the associated principles of fitness, nutrition and sustained motivation.

When I say ‘learned’, I really mean ‘learned’ too!! It comes back to my point about consciously and proactively managing your health…. to do so, you need the knowledge…. the ‘HOW’!

Enjoy the Journey of Self-Discovery!

It will be one of your greatest super-powers, along with your ‘WHY’!


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