Things I’ve Learned: Courage, Comfort & Combating the Kilos

Hey Gorgeous Girls….

If you’ve been checking out my social media feeds over the past few weeks, there’s been a little bit of a theme emerging…. not an intentional direction on my part, just one that seems to have developed quite organically. It’s also been coming through quite strongly in a few Facebook Groups that I’m involved with too, as well as at least two personal conversations I’ve had with clients lately.

So what’s the theme??



You may recall my post several weeks ago, where I shared how difficult to was for me to even look at myself in the picture on the left. I explained how back in those days (my late 20’s), I was kind of just kicking back, ‘hoping’ that one day I’d miraculously just wake up ‘thin’…. or that one day I’d finally ‘find’ the courage to do something about my excess weight.

Back in those days though, I didn’t actually realise that the courage was already inside me!

So I know you’re probably thinking…. what the heck has courage got to do with weight loss, right??

Well it’s like this….

Actually pulling your head out of the sand, and admitting that your body is in crisis, takes courage! It takes fortitude to admit responsibility for having pushed your body to that point and accepting the importance of bringing it back from the brink. Sure, you can remain in denial….. or try to hide the elephant under the rug, but that strategy won’t resolve the issue. It takes grit to connect with the pain of that problem…. and ease it on your own terms.

When all you’ve ever known and experienced in your life is a certain way (and in my case it was the destructive cycle of extreme dieting & exercise, weight loss & weight gain, guilt, shame & even more lashings of self-abuse), it becomes your ‘truth’ and your reality. When something is so ingrained (in your own mind) as the ‘truth’, it’s almost inconceivable to even imagine, that another way of existence could be possible. There’s comfort, safety and security in the ‘truth’, and we hold onto it dearly.

This is why I personally believe that courage is one of the most critical success factors in any significant lifestyle revolution…. because it basically means completely letting go of everything you’ve ever known in your life, and leaping blindly into an inconceivable world of unknowns.

It doesn’t just end with that initial big step either…. persisting with your endeavours to achieve sustainable, long-term success and mastery, is where your courage will indeed be tested.

What many people don’t even realise when they commence their big life changing adventure, is that all of those familiar foods and all those associated habits and rituals will still provide a place of comfort. All of those familiar environments and activities such as the house and the couch will still provide a place of comfort also. You need to be brave enough to shake those comfort zones up to such an extent, that they no longer bring you the sense of peace they once did.


You also need to be audacious in the face of ‘popular opinion’. The people around you may not necessarily be on the same path (or page) as you and may subconsciously (unconsciously or even consciously), sabotage your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle.

Your transformation can trigger a range of different responses in the people around you…. surprise, disbelief, envy or pride…. but whatever that response may be though, be aware that others’ have found comfort in ‘who you were’ and may not (to an extent), feel any comfort in ‘who you’re becoming’. Sometimes, you may even need to have the conviction to simply walk away, or at least distance yourself, from some of the long term relationships that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Furthermore, for so many of us, weight loss is also about having the courage to confront and resolve a lot of the ‘emotional stuff’ that comes up during the renewal process…. and then to finally come through, standing tall and completely comfortable in being who you really are…. no longer hiding behind, or being ‘protected’ by excess body weight and baggy clothes.

Any significant change in life or leap into the unknown is scary. It takes a big deep breath and a whole lot of courage to take that first big step, and it takes a whole lot more of it to continue that forward flow! If there’s one thing I know for sure though, it’s this….


The Empress Revolution

Bravery, courage, conviction, fortitude…. call it what you will, but it is a basic, primal and very necessary part of your survival instinct!

You don’t need to wait around to ‘find’ it though, like I once thought I had to.

It’s already within you Gorgeous Girl…. you just need to embrace it.


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The Empress Revolution


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