Mythbusting 101: Resistance Workouts Won’t Make you ‘Bulk Up’.

No, no, no Gorgeous Girls….. resistance workouts WON’T make you ‘bulk up’ like a bodybuilder or make you look like a man!! 

Resistance workouts result in a range of health benefits that you shouldn’t shy away from. ‘Bulking up’ or looking too ‘masculine’ is a common fear experienced by women taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Strength is an important component of general fitness though, that really shouldn’t be neglected.

Bodybuilding (and increasing muscle mass in general), takes an immense amount of time & focus. You need to train each muscle group to create definition, & ‘shred’ practically all body fat to improve muscle visibility.

The Facts:

It can take months (& sometimes years), of very specific training (reps/sets/rest) and strict nutrition, to make the ‘gains’ that bodybuilders aim to achieve. For women, achieving these results is even more challenging, simply because we don’t have the testosterone required to build the ‘bulk’.

Although elite level sports women are known to develop large muscles, it’s because they’ve worked hard for them. Some intentionally train for those specific results, whilst others gain them as a ‘by-product’ of other sports specific training.

Anabolic steroids use, has also added to the myth that resistance workouts result in big ‘masculine looking’ muscles. It’s simply NOT TRUE, for the average woman who may only do a couple of resistance workouts each week though.

The Benefits:

Resistance workouts will provide beneficial tone, strength, improved posture, increased bone density and improved balance. You’ll also gain the following advantages:

  • Better management of blood pressure, blood glucose (sugar) & cholesterol levels,
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes,
  • Increased metabolism and better management of weigh, &
  • General ability to perform everyday tasks with ease.

The overall benefits are so great, that Health Guidelines recommend at least two (2) resistance workouts each week.

So the conclusion is simple…. get ‘lifting’ Gorgeous Girls!!

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