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Within the pages of “If I Can, You Can - Winners Edition” (the second book of the series), thought provoking and insightful personal stories are shared by contributors from around the globe.

Cherie and the other writers are from very different walks of life, yet they all have a common thread that runs through all of their stories…. the fact that life has presented them with some incredible challenges. Some have been faced with business failures, personal tragedies and near death experience. But, with the support of family, friends and their communities, they have fought back to forge a new path in life. A path that is richer and more fulfilling than the one they were originally on.

“If I Can, You Can - Winners Edition” will provide you with the confidence and faith you need to face your difficulties. Often when we overcome obstacles thrown at us by life, we begin to appreciate the true value of life and all of its gifts. It is then that we can truly move on to live life to its full potential.

“If I Can, You Can - Winners Edition” is available from Lovely Silks Publishing

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