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Kym M. Sydney, NSW

“Have loved your program and all the great info you've shared. Thank you   (BTW - have started little bursts of 1 min "jogging" intervals on the treadmill!!!) Lastly, I love the opportunity to talk to you and ask questions on the group call."

Audrey B. Orange, NSW

“Today I threw out all my size 18 clothes. Yesterday I bought some new swimmers so I can start training for a triathlon. I was shocked that I needed a 12!"

Naomi R. Canberra, ACT

“I want you to know that your videos and training are great. I also love your recipes and food info is fantastic. I am learning heaps.”

Rebecca A. Orange, NSW

“Thanks Cherie! I feel really positive about it all, I wasn’t even bummed when I got on the scales and saw that I hadn’t lost any weight because I’ve noticed so much progress in other areas that the number on the scales didn’t really matter that much to me for the first time in my life!!!! I haven’t lost any weight but I do know that the program is definitely working for me, this is the best I have felt about being healthy and fit because I’m feeling calm and I change my vane goal of being a size 10 to being overall a healthier eater and a regular exerciser. I’ve already found that I now automatically looked for the healthier options and enjoy eating them too.”

Maria D. Orange, NSW

“I feel like I’ve been given a good understanding of food and exercise and what I need to be doing to reach my goals.”

Sue F. Forbes, NSW

“I feel like I’ve been given a good understanding of food and exercise and what I need to be doing to reach my goals.”

Gill H. Bussleton, WA

“I’m finding the small changes easily doable, so I’m enjoying the program and look forward to the surprise challenges. I’m getting into the habit of moving my body daily which increases my energy and has proven to be beneficial for my fibromyalgia. 

Given my health issues and the fact that I’m still following the program I’m happy with the results and I’ve noticed the difference in how I feel. I’d happily pay double what I paid for the program! I got heaps of value from the programme I loved that there were no hidden extra costs. Quick responses to any questions I had and you checked in regularly to see how I was going – I loved that connection and feeling that I wasn’t lost in a group.”

Merryn L. Orange, NSW

“Your program is the longest I’ve ever stuck to any sort of fitness program.”

Jailyn S. Ames, Iowa, USA

“Thank you Cherie for everything. Seriously you have been a life line to me in this past couple of months.”

Cathy C. Orange, NSW

“You’re my Health Angel.”