Helen C.

This is Helen:

Helen is one of my amazing clients & she’s been with me right from the beginning…. when I first kicked off in my business.

One of the first things that struck me about Helen was her unwavering commitment to training.

As a professional educator, wife and mother of two teenagers, Helen had locked time aside in her insanely busy weekly schedule, specifically for the purpose of focussing on her physical wellbeing. This in turn also has a positive impact on her ability to focus on and balance everything else going on in her world.

Like many other women, Helen has also had her share of health and weight related issues in the past. In her early adulthood she carried excess weight and later in life gained even more after having cortisone injections to manage chronic pain and mobility issues sustained from a childhood car accident.

So, What Keeps Helen Motivated?

Over the years, Helen has learned that one of the most effective ways to manage chronic pain is to keep moving! Working out with a Personal Trainer has been one of the strategies she’s used in order to make sure that exercise is integrated into the ‘normal’ part of her week.

“It’s an appointment that I know I won’t break, and it keeps me accountable”.  

In addition to Personal Training, Helen’s also got a small range of ‘at-home’ fitness equipment, that she doesn’t allow the dust to settle on! On days that she doesn’t have PT, she makes the effort to do something, even if it’s just a quick 10 minute workout to get her body moving.  


What Else Does Helen Do to Maintain Good Health?

Helen also experiences symptoms associated with gluten intolerance and finds that her body rebels if she consumes foods with high levels of sugar. She makes a conscious effort to avoid these foods and has built a repertoire of meals and snacks that meet her needs (& the needs of her family). Listening to her body and knowing its various responses has played an important part in being able to do this.

As a result, her favourite meals are light and fresh and she absolutely LOVES scallops! In her own words:

“I love big flavours that smack me in the mouth”!

(I’m with you on that one Helen)!!

What’s Helen’s Best Health Recommendation?

“This hour is ALL ABOUT ME”!

These are very wise words from Helen that still echo in my mind… confidently stated all the way back during our very first training session together.

By keeping regular training appointments in her weekly schedule, she commits to, and ‘gifts’ herself with the time to focus solely upon her physical health as well as the opportunity to destress, refocus and then relax (at the end of each session).

These important lifestyle inclusions have allowed Helen to maintain & improve her general fitness and strength over time, and as a natural flow-on effect, her ‘dietary awareness’ has also improved.

Good on YOU Helen!! You’re an amazing, inspirational woman who’s GOT IT GOING ON!! <3

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