Audrey B.

This is Audrey:

Audrey is an amazing woman I have the honour of knowing. She came to me as I client about 12 months ago, participating weekly in one of my small group fitness classes. Back in those days, Audrey solidly believed that she couldn’t lose weight!

“I can’t lose weight”.

“I don’t lose weight”.

“Weight loss is not something I can be successful at”.

These were the stories that Audrey had reinforced over and over in her own mind, until they had become her very own ‘truth’.

Over time, I had the opportunity to work more closely with Audrey and together we worked on cleaning up her nutrition as well as turning a lot of her unhelpful thinking styles around into a more positive mindset!

One of most significant shifts was to focus Audrey towards her ‘WHY’…. a reason ‘bigger’ than simply just weight loss…. a reason intrinsically aligned to her personal values…. and a reason that would sustain her ongoing commitment to health far beyond the point that all external positive reinforcement (ie: compliments, etc), would begin to dwindle.

Once Audrey found her ‘WHY’, there was literally no stopping her! She lived and breathed her dream and made it her mission to educate herself about fitness and nutrition in order to ‘own’ her journey and be in complete control of the direction she wanted to take it!

In her own words, “I already know what happens when I give up…. I want to know what it feels like if I don’t”!

Audrey simply dared to ask herself “But what if I could”?

Ultimately it was this shift in Audrey’s approach to the future of her health, that became one of her most critical success factors. By curiously exploring the potential of opportunities (rather than placing them in the ‘too hard basket’, or allowing self-limiting beliefs to overwhelm her), Audrey gained confidence and even greater momentum each time she challenged herself beyond her comfort zone.


So, What Keeps Audrey Motivated?

Audrey is committed to the process of self-improvement. She doesn’t expect perfection, nor does she expect it tomorrow…. but she does want to make small consistent steps towards achieving both ‘big-picture’ and ‘milestone’ goals.

More recently, she’s begun to compete in triathlons and is now motivated to continue in this arena.

Knowing that her husband and two primary school aged children are proud of the role model she’s become, also inspires her further.


What Else Does Audrey Do to Maintain Good Health?

Maintaining good mental health is also important to Audrey. As a leader in her professional field, stress management, and keeping clear and focussed on work related goals and tasks is essential. In order to juggle all her commitments (including her physical health), Audrey takes “me time” every day in order to plan and set herself up for a success.

Her quiet & peaceful “me time” is enjoyed in the early hours of the morning before the rest of the family rise & typically consists of a cuppa on a comfy couch, together with a good book or some interesting learning material.


What’s Audrey’s Best Health Recommendation?

Get educated (about health and fitness)!! Don’t fall for the quick-fix programs that dis-empower you by only telling you ‘what’ to do / ‘what’ to eat.

This is YOUR life and you’re the only one who can own it!

To own it & effectively control it for the long term, you also need to know ‘WHY’ & ‘how’ as well.

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