Orange Nutrition Benefits Recipes

Food is Medicine: enjoy these simple recipes and discover how oranges can support your health and wellness.

Orange nutrition, benefits, recipes.... let your imagination run wild with the potential of fresh produce! This popular citrus fruit is high in simple sugars but low GI, so therefore should not cause spikes in blood sugar levels (if eaten as whole fruit, not consumed as juice).Renowned for being high in Vitamin C, oranges also contain an array of beneficial antioxidants.

As part of a healthy and well balanced eating pattern, oranges can support your health and wellness, by providing:

  • 46 calories / 100g
  • 87% water


  • Vitamin C, B5 & B6
  • Copper
  • Folate (B9)
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Thiamin (B1)
  • Dietary fibre
  • Antioxidants

Health Benefits May Include:

  • Improve heart health, reduce blood pressure & prevent arteriosclerosis.
  • Prevent kidney stones.
  • Prevent anaemia.
  • Support immune system functioning.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Prevent constipation.
  • Support skin health & reduce the appearance of ageing.

Oranges Nutrition Health Benefits & Recipes:

For a further detailed nutritional analysis of oranges, search:

The Australian Food Composition Database.

To learn more about how oranges can fit into a healthy and balanced eating pattern, search:

The Australian Dietary Guidelines or Nutrition Australia's Healthy Eating Pyramid.

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