Broccoli Nutrition Benefits Recipes.

Food is Medicine: enjoy these simple recipes and discover how broccoli can support your health and wellness.

Broccoli nutrition, benefits, recipes.... let your imagination run wild with the potential of fresh produce! This cruciferous vegetable is a great source of plant-based protein, is low in calories, and packed full of other beneficial plant compounds. It definitely earns a place in my personal ‘TOP 10’ list of beneficial veggies.

As part of a healthy and well balanced eating pattern, broccoli can support your health and wellness, by providing:

  • 40 calories / 100g
  • 87% water


  • Vitamin A, B6, C & K
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Dietary fibre

Health Benefits May Include:

  • Support immune system functioning.
  • Reduce oxidative stress that can lead to the development of cancer cells.
  • Regulate cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Support eye health & prevent macular degeneration and night blindness.
  • Help maintain bone density and support healthy teeth&nails.
  • Improve digestive health, prevent constipation & minimise symptoms of IBS.
  • Prevent premature skin ageing & irritation as well as assist in wound healing.
  • Support liver function & blood detoxification.
  • Improve hormonal health & adrenal gland functioning.
  • Increase metabolism and support healthy weight management.
  • Assist cognitive functioning into old age.
  • Improve fertility.

Nutrition Health Benefits & Recipes:

For a further detailed nutritional analysis of broccoli, search:

The Australian Food Composition Database.

To learn more about how broccoli  can fit into a healthy and balanced eating pattern, search:

The Australian Dietary Guidelines or Nutrition Australia's Healthy Eating Pyramid.

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