Cherie’s Secret


Maintaining a healthy body, positive mind and a soaring spirit, isn't something that's always come easy for me.... in fact up until I turned 40, it wasn't even a priority for me, simply because i'd failed at it so many times in the past! The truth is, I spent a large portion of my life really struggling with weight and body image issues and threw it all into the 'too hard' basket. As a result, I continued to make really poor lifestyle choices, and the problem continued to snowball.

In my 'previous life', I used to run myself into the ground for the sake of my career…. & although I chipped a glass ceiling or two, it was always to the further detriment of my health. Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, excessive alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep and high levels of stress resulted in my weight blowing out to well over 110kg…. on more than one occasion!!

Although i’d reach 'that point' where i'd get myself 'back on track' (again) and eventually manage to lose the weight, it always seemed to creep back on again! Argh! It seriously used to do my head in!!

Why?? It’s not rocket science, right?!! 

Well no it’s not…. once you accept that knowing ‘what to do’ & knowing ‘how to get yourself to do it, sustainably and for the long term’ are two entirely separate skills!

Sure, physical activity and eating well is critical for maintaining a healthy body composition.... but the real key to making those sustainable, long term improvements to you health (and thus, the rest of your life), is all about your mindset.... being curious.... being courageous.... and being open to enjoying the freedom that living in alignment with your soul conscience brings.

Curiosity, Courage and Freedom....

Simple words from my soul conscience that have become the beacon to which my attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are aligned.

As a result, I’ve maintained a range of positive health indicators for several years, and now, in my mid-40’s, i’m physically fitter than I've ever been in my life! My relationships with my body and with food are healthy and respectful, and I dedicate regular time to self-care. I feel more energy, confidence and flow each day and i'm exhilarated by the boundless opportunities that a future life of health and vitality brings, not only for myself, but for each and every Amazing Woman I work with!

Through my range of practical Programs, you too, can achieve positive changes in your physical health and emotional wellbeing. With structured exercise sessions as well as nutritional guidance based upon solid research (not fads or quick-fix-diets), you'll be unstoppable.... rising into a life you love!