Maintaining a healthy, radiant lifestyle hasn’t always been a high priority in my life. In fact, I spent a large portion of my life struggling with weight issues and making really poor lifestyle choices.

I used to run myself into the ground for the sake of my career…. & although I chipped a glass ceiling or two, it was always to the further detriment of my health. Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, excessive alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep and high levels of stress resulted in my weight blowing out to well over 110kg…. on more than one occasion!!

Although i’d eventually manage to lose the weight, I always seemed to put it all back on! But why?? It’s not rocket science right??

Well no it’s not…. Once you accept that knowing ‘WHAT TO DO’ & knowing ‘HOW TO GET YOURSELF TO DO IT’ are two entirely separate skills!

Sure, physical activity and eating well is critical to weight management…. But the real key to long term, sustainable health improvement is mindset: your attitudes and beliefs, your motivations, inclinations and habits; the way you filter and interpret the world around you, and most importantly, the way in which you respond!


I appreciate the fluid nature of ‘mindset’, but right now I can confidently state that i’ve mastered my own and will continue to do so into the future!

I’ve maintained a range of positive health indicators for several years now, and in my mid-40’s, i’m physically fitter than i’ve ever been in my life! My relationship with food is healthy and respectful and I value & dedicate regular time to self-care. As a result, I am energized, invigorated & exhilarated by life…. So it’s time to share my knowledge, experience and skills…. To help bring YOU back to life, through FITNESS, FOOD and FORTITUDE!