Top Tip #3 : Ditch the Diet!


The key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight & lifestyle, isn’t about changing everything overnight, depriving yourself of everything you enjoy, punishing yourself with exercises you hate… and then finally reaching an end goal (that you mindlessly celebrate before promptly allowing the old habits to creep back in)!!

The real key to success is making small, incremental changes over a long period…. the rest of your life in fact!

By making small tweaks to your nutrition and activity levels (and focusing on only one or two small, achievable goals at a time), means that those minor changes will become embedded as new healthy habits, rather than being a constant drain on your willpower, like the ‘change the world overnight’ approach becomes.

So, don’t set yourself up for failure! Ditch the dieting and instead, make small improvements over time.

Remember…. a healthy lifestyle is exactly that…. a LIFESTYLE! There is no end point!!


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