Top Tip #2 : Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

If you really want to make some positive improvements to your health, fitness and overall wellbeing, then my best Top Tip is this: Set one or two simple SMART goals to kick off your lifestyle improvement adventure & write them down!

What’s a SMART goal I hear you ask? Well a SMART goal is:

S: Specific

M: Measureable

A: Achievable

R: Realistic

T: Time Based

Be clear and SPECIFIC about what it is exactly, that you want to achieve…. but try to avoid being overly specific (such as aiming for a particular goal weight), because this could actually set you up for failure. (This is because your particular goal weight could actually be impossible for your body’s structure and physiology…. so when you don’t achieve that specific number, you become frustrated, disillusioned, & eventually give up).

Instead, try to specify which ‘range based’ indicator to focus upon… such as Body Mass Index, Resting Heart Rate, and Waist to Hip Ratio. Aim to view them collectively rather than ‘stand-alone measures’ as well. That’s as specific as you need to be (if you’re just beginning to flow into a healthier lifestyle)

Select goals that are MEASURABLE and will allow you to monitor progress &/or confirm success (which may be objectively or subjectively determined. For instance, if you’ve specified BMI as one of your ‘health collective goals’, moving from the ‘Obese’ category to the ‘Overweight’ category, would validate that your lifestyle improvements efforts had resulted in measurable success.

As a whole, consider whether your goal is both ACHIEVABLE&REALISTIC. Question if your goal is actually do-able & assess the likelihood of success! Once again…. you don’t want to set yourself up for failure!

Finally, make your goal TIME BASED. Set yourself an achievable & realistic timeframe. Alternatively, if you have a particular deadline, you may need to reassess your measurement element in order ensure that your overall goal remains Achievable & Realistic.

Now write your SMART goal down…. so you mindfully commit your intentions & focus…. and so you’re able to see it or at least visualise it as an ongoing reminder!



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