Top Tip #1 : Get to Know Your Numbers

It’s a common mistake that many people make when they’re trying to achieve better health and fitness…. they start with a whole range of grand plans including: cleaning up their eating habits to shred body fat…. hitting the gym hard to get ‘fit-as’…. giving up alcohol, quitting smoking, cutting back on caffeine, getting more sleep…. the list goes on!!

The truth is though, the scatter gun approach of trying to do a whole range of things all at once, is not the most effective way to achieve results!

Honing in on just one or two things, with laser sharp focus will produce far more tangible and results. To support this approach, my best  toptip is this: Get to Know Your Numbers!

So what ‘numbers’ am I talking about?

They’re a comprehensive range of measurements that, (when considered collectively) can indicate your overall health status and your potential risk of developing a range of chronic illnesses & preventable diseases.

These illness & diseases may include:

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Some cancers

So, it’s always a great annual ritual to measure & record the following numbers:

1) Weight
2) Height (to calculate your Body Mass Index)
3) Waist measurement
4) Hip Measurement (to calculate your waist to hip ratio)
5) Resting Heart Rate

6) Blood Pressure
7) Fasting Lipid Profile (cholesterol)
8) Fasting blood glucose levels (blood sugar)

By knowing your numbers, you’ll have far greater insight into your current state of health & this will enable you to focus and align your goals to create the most powerful results.

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