How to Get the Best out of Your Fitness Program

So what is it exactly, that you really want to achieve?Have you ever really even asked yourself that question?

Define Your Goal:

Ultimately, to get the best out of your fitness program, it’s best to know specifically, what you want to achieve. Do you want to improve your general cardiovascular fitness, or do you want to build lean muscle tissue and strength? Perhaps you’re in training for a particular sport or event, or maybe you want to improve your balance, flexibility and joint mobility?

Align Your Actions:

Regardless of your goal, your training should be specifically aligned towards its achievement. With the appropriate programming of a range of variables including, (but not limited to),exercise type, intensity, weight, reps, sets, intervals, time, and frequency, you’ll be able to refine your fitness program and experience significant (measurable and visible), improvements within several weeks.

Consider Training with an Exercise Professional:

Rather than take a ‘scatter-gun’ approach to your programming, working with a registered Exercise Professional such as a Personal Trainer, will ensure that all your variables are neatly packaged and tailored specifically for your needs.With guidance to learn the safe and correct way to perform each exercise, your capacity to gain maximum benefit from each movement (whilst reducing therisk of injury), is vastly improved.

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