Triumph Over Your Eating Triggers

Emotions, locations, relationships and sensations…. They can all trigger our desire to eat & sometimes that can result in overeating, or an all-out binge-fest!!

Do you know the signs & how to deal with them?? The Gorgeous Girls in my ELEVATE! Program do!!

Emotional Triggers:

Do you turn to food when you’re feeling upset, pressured, lonely, or just a little ‘down’? Perhaps you turn to food and you’re not even quite sure why? It’s possible that you’re an ‘emotional eater’ who uses food to suppress or avoid difficult (or challenging) thoughts or feelings.

Location Triggers:

Our physical location & environment can influence our food selections significantly. Is there a bakery that you walk past on your way to work? How do you respond when you walk through a food court at your local shopping centre? What do you do (or more specifically, what do you eat), when you visit your local cinema or beach?

Relationship Triggers:

Family, friends, colleagues…. our relationships and interactions with ‘significant others’ can influence our food decisions and become challenging triggers to manage. The situations can vary, but often the result is eating foods you would normally avoid, or eating or drinking more than you would normally consume, simply in an effort to ‘fit in’ or ‘not offend’ anyone else in the group.

Sensation Triggers:

Your body is constantly responding to a variety of different conditions, not only from the external environment such as the temperature, but also from internal sensations created by the foods you’ve eaten or deprived yourself of. The physiological and biochemical changes that are triggered by sensations such as an empty stomach, low blood sugar levels or neurotransmitter imbalances, can result in cravings or overeating. They can however, be avoided & outsmarted!

So, how do YOU triumph over your eating triggers?

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