Things I’ve Learned: Stop Looking for Shortcuts


You’ll actually reach your destination quicker, if you stop looking for shortcuts!

Hey, I’ve been there before. I’ve lost big numbers on the scales on several occasions…. & that’s exactly how I’ve learned that the shortcuts simply don’t work in the long term!

Sure, the latest diet fad always seems so easy, like it’s a ‘no-brainer’, and apparently backed by science…. and the home-shopping exercise equipment always seems to produce the most miraculous results or your money back!

What you’re rarely told however is the complete truth…. including all the necessary conditions required to achieve the miraculous results or any of the health risks that may be experienced, if you deviate from proven nutritional planning principles.

Rather than drowning in the tsunami of misinformation and myths represented in the popular media, find a solid grounding point based upon proven, common-sense principles that will allow you to sustainably achieve and maintain your results for the long term…. not just for the here & now, and not just for the next 6 months.

Once you’re clear on your precise destination, point your feet in that direction…. put your head down…. & focus on consistently moving another step forward. Ignore the lure of the quick short-cut…. your journey may become more treacherous than you could image.


Image Source: Pixabay. #crossroads

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