Things I’ve Learned: Infuse Your Life with Action


You can dream your dreams, visualise, plan and strategize, or diligently acquire knowledge from peers, a ton of books, or an internet full of online webinars…. but ultimately, the only thing that is going to result in the achievement of your goals, is ACTION!

Whether it be a fun recreational pursuit, a radical career change or a serious health & lifestyle change, it’s never going to happen just by thinking about it or by wishing for it…. & it’s never going to happen if you’re just waiting for the ‘perfect moment in time’ or for ‘all the stars to align’!

An Intriguing Adventure!

Think of ACTION as an opportunity to create or experience something new & amazing! It’s your chance to make a change in your word (& for your world), through the active demonstration of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and desires.

It doesn’t matter if your action isn’t perfect the first time you try to apply it, because it’s also an opportunity to test, measure and refine…. and an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.

A Curious Discovery!

Imperfect action is the trial and error that guides your energy where it’s best focused. Consistently practicing and refining actions over time, allows you to reach milestones of accomplishment and success…. and who knows where the adventure might subsequently lead or allow you to discover?

Point being?

Infusing your life with ACTION, as imperfect as it may seem at the time, allows you to experience and create a life of adventure, discovery and success.

Without ACTION, there is only PROCRASTINATION…. and where there is procrastination, there is rarely ever SUCCESS!


Image Source: Pixabay. #highrope


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